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Christchurch, New Zealand

My Side Hustle

Welcome One, Welcome All!!

Ameliorate Designs is my side hustle meaning I actually have a full-time job as a High School teacher but between you and me, this little biz is my passion even though it sometimes can feel like a source of guilt when I feel like I'm not giving it the attention it deserves.

I'm excited to showcase my products here on Shopify but I'm also keen to be sharing my ideas about creativity be it my printing, work as a textile artist or how I like to bring creativity to my classroom.

So come along on this journey with me. Let me know what you think and hopefully, I can continue to share my hopes, ideas, and creativity with you. It would great if my ramblings could inspire you or make you pause for a moment and think. From what I know of myself if I know you're reading these posts, I'm pretty sure I will keep on writing them.


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