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The Need to Create

It is an interesting part of our world that sometimes the things you want to do the most are the things that are constantly put aside for the more mundane but necessary parts of life.

But I have decided to turn this around because, for me, creating-creativity is as necessary to my existence as my marmite on Vogels and English breakfast tea first thing in the am.

Yet I am intrigued about why it has taken so long for me to realise this. Is it because we as a society do not value the idea of creating and using one's imagination or do we put the concept of creating into a box entitled "what you do with your spare time" What value do we truly put on items created and crafted or have we truly been sucked into the mass-produced vortex of consumerism.

Deep huh!

Personally, I seize any opportunity I can to create and encourage creativity be it in my classroom or in my little studio because I know when I don't create I can feel the frustration building and the grumpiness emanating from my pores. So now, I don't ignore creating but I actively embrace it; be it my ESL students making paper snowflakes to help them learn about the language of instruction or my crazy decision to make the costumes for this year's senior production while I had a deadline for an exhibition. It has been a busy time but it did all work out in the end and costuming girls into old men was so worth the hilarity and effort and the deadline was met for the exhibition without too much stress or too many tears!! 

Being and staying creative are non-negotiables in my life.

How about you?


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